Some Tips From A Private Seller’s Video On YouTube

I hadn’t checked out my Tumblr account in a while so I decided to log on and look around.  I found this advertisement posted to YouTube in 2010 that I reblogged.  At the time, I was struck that this private seller (a term we use in the auto business to describe individuals who sell their vehicles to other individuals and do not go through dealerships) came up with an effective advertisement for his BMW.  I think the video and the lessons car dealers can learn from it have held up well over the years.  Here are my takeaways:

  • Full Disclosure:  The seller clearly communicates what shortcomings the car has, any mechanical defects and anything else that a potential buyer may find material.  When sellers provide more information, buyers are likely to feel more confident in selecting one vehicle over another.  Are you effectively disclosing the good and the bad (if any problems exist) with your inventory? 
  • Creativity:  The seller certainly thought outside the “fifth concentric box” to make this ad stand out.  Everything from narration, shots of the vehicle, clever ways to highlight features/issues (see: signs) and music make this video very memorable.  What are you doing to try to cut through the clutter?
  • Contact Information:  The seller provides his contact information in the video itself and the listing.  Potential buyers would have no difficulties understanding how and where to contact the seller.  Do your ads clearly notify how buyers may contact you?

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