Good advice. I haven’t worked too much on residential leasing, but the advice here would work well for commercial leases too.


In today’s economy more and more people are renting instead of owning their homes. Both tenants and landlords have certain rights and obligations. If you are having an issue with a landlord or tenant make sure to proceed according to local laws and the details of the lease; call us today and speak with an attorney about your issue.

Reviewing the lease:

To help prevent disputes from arising, it is a good idea to have an attorney review any lease before you sign. Both landlords and tenants want a lease agreement to cover their needs. Here are some things to consider before signing a new lease:

When are rental payments due? Is there a grace period before late fees or penalties are incurred?
How much is the security deposit? Is it fully refundable? How long after the lease ends will your security deposit be returned?
What is the procedure for…

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