Blackberry trolling aside, this is an interesting read on what you sign away when you sign up for your new smartphone and data plan.

This page intentionally left ugly

Well, I couldn’t stand my BlackBerry anymore and decided to go with a free upgrade from Verizon. It will be an “underpowered” Android, which will be more enjoyable to use than the BlackBerry.

It’s a bit too late now, but Verizon has already thoroughly ruined my phone by installing Bing and other nonsense which I can’t seem to remove permanently. I’ll be contacting them shortly about that.

Meanwhile, if anyone else is going to upgrade their device or start a contract with Verizon, I thought I’d post the fine print on the checkout page here. It’s rather difficult (read: near-impossible) to find this on their website. A side note: They needed to run spell-check on this.

Verizon :

If you change your device or receive a Service promotion, you may be required to change your Plan to one that we are currently offering at that time.

My Privacy

We collect…

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