Another Approach to Creating Video Content for Dealerships

One of my first posts on this blog illustrated different approaches dealers take when creating videos that showcase their products.  You can find the original post here.  Some dealers rely on automation to create video content for each of their vehicles.  While extremely easy to do, many criticize this approach because of inherent flaws with videos that lack a human touch, such as proper pronunciation of words and compelling descriptions of the vehicle itself.  If you’re looking for a “middle ground” approach between a video walk-around and a slide show, take a look at this video by Suzuki of Wichita.    Here are some of the things I think Suzuki of Wichita did right with this video:

  • The narrator discussed the features/benefits of the vehicle clearly and (I’m assuming) used some kind of mic in an area without much background noise.  Doing this made the presentation seem more professional and polished.  I got the impression that the narrator planned what he was going to say and stayed on point while narrating the video.  This added to the overall quality of the video as well.
  • They added graphics to highlight certain selling points of the vehicle.
  • There was a call to action at the end of the video.

While I think there are certain strengths and weaknesses to whatever format dealers adopt when producing videos, whether they use slide shows or more traditional walk-around videos (see Saabkyle04’s YouTube Channel for examples), I like that Suzuki of Wichita was willing to experiment with a video that merges the two and ends up creating something that is pretty original and compelling.  What are your thoughts?  Are there other dealers you know of that are using video effectively?

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