Pay Per Click Science 101 by DealerOn

PPC Science 101: Lower Spend and Increase Leads from DealerOn on Vimeo.

Between school, work, blogging and family (in no particular order of importance), I’m trying to learn more about Pay-Per-Click (or “PPC”) advertising and how to maximize this medium to generate leads.  I’m dipping my toe into the vast ocean of the PPC discussion by reading Google Adwords for Dummies and ‘lurking’ on various e-commerce blogs/discussion boards on the topic.  Luckily, there are lots of great resources that are industry specific.  I found the video above after reading a thread posted on Kain Automotive Idea Exchange discussing PPC advertising and services provided by vendors to dealers to implement PPC campaigns as part of their advertising mix (a link to that thread can be found here, but only members of the website may view the thread).

This video was referenced in the thread on the Kain Automotive Idea Exchange.  I found it extremely interesting, and left the video with a lot more questions than I previously had (which is a good thing).  It’s a little long but may be worth a view if you’re looking to learn more about how to fit PPC into your dealership’s (or any business) advertising plan and some of the pitfalls of PPC campaigns that are poorly planned or implemented.  I’m still in the very early stages of learning about PPC, and as I find more resources I’ll pass them along.

If there are any sources you would suggest to anyone interested in learning more about PPC and implementing PPC advertising at their place of business, please share them in the comment section below.

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