Great News for the Chrysler 300

The Los Angeles Times reported on August 22 2012 that Consumer Reports gave the 2012 Chrysler 300 high marks in its most recent test.  While applauding the 300 for its ergonomics, handling and performance, Consumer Reports withheld its coveted “Recommended” rating because they lacked long-term reliability data for the 300.  Consumer Reports didn’t have long term data on the 300 because it was recently redesigned.

My former employer has been a Chrysler dealer for many years, through the days when Iacocca pleaded with dealers at intro meetings to each take one Town & Country to keep the plants running, to the boom in the nineties and Chrysler’s near collapse in 2008.  While there, I developed a fondness for Chrysler and am the proud owner of a Dodge Grand Caravan.  I’m happy to see that Chrysler is doing well and consumers are embracing great vehicles like the 300.  It’s also nice to see publications like Consumer Reports, which is notoriously critical on domestic manufacturers, recognize the great product coming from Detroit these days.

Image Courtesy of Autoblog

Via Los Angeles Times

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