Video Walkarounds Done Right

If you work at a dealership and want to learn how to present a vehicle in a video walk around on YouTube, the first place you should look is saabkyle04’s channel.  Watch the video above to see what I mean.  Here are the points I think a saabkyle04 in training can take away from this master of video reviews of cars on YouTube.

Consistency:  Whether saabklye04 is reviewing a Ferrari, a Ford, or a Fiat, he has a consistent presentation in each and every one of his videos.  Sometimes he may deviate on  the introduction (as seen with the video above on the Mustang), but each of his videos otherwise are strikingly consistent.  Viewers appreciate this as they know what to expect and what information saabklye04 will share with them.

Enthusiasm:  You can tell how much saabkyle04 enjoys what he is doing.  If he doesn’t, he fooled me and probably many of his viewers.  Remember that no matter how your day may be going, you have to be top notch when presenting your product.  If you’re having an off day and can’t shake your feelings, save the video for another day.

Descriptions and Tags:  Think about if George Lucas filmed Star Wars but only showed it to his friends.  YouTube videos are no different.  You can make the best content around, but if you don’t distribute it, no one is going to see your efforts.  Check out saabkyle04’s descriptions of the videos.  Also, pay attention to how he tags his videos.  In this particular video, he has over 60 tags.  In a nutshell, tags are words you use to describe to YouTube what your video is about.  All of his tags help YouTube determine whether his video is relevant to a particular viewer’s search.  His view count (the number of times his video has been played) shows that his distribution model works and he’s getting his videos in front of many viewers.

Know Your Stuff:  Saabkyle04 shows the viewer that he knows his material.  Prepare and study your product so you come across to the viewer that you know what you’re talking about.  Practice your presentation, and don’t be afraid to do several takes to dial in your presentation.

Editing/Sound/Lighting:  To me, many videos on YouTube suffer from poor sound, editing and lighting.  When choosing a video camera, make sure that you have one that has good sound recording capabilities and consider using an external mic.  When filming, check to see how well the vehicle and surrounding area is lit and whether your camera can handle the lighting of the environment properly.  The more expensive the video camera, typically, the better low light performance it has.  Cameras such as a flip or an iPhone require lots of lighting to make good video so keep that in mind when choosing the area to record your video.  Also, once you’ve finished your video, use editing software to make it look great and flow as well as it should.

Never Stop Learning:  Embrace change that comes with new techniques and technology.  See how to tweak your videos for better results.  Understand analytics offered by YouTube on your videos and test how to increase your viewer count.  Don’t be afraid to participate with your peers on forums such as Kain Automotive Idea Exchange and Driving Sales and learn from them.

If you have any examples of great video walk arounds on automobiles, powersport vehicles or anything else, post them below.

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